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my seventh time to iceland and not sure how many time-th to airwaves. but i thought i’d put together a few pointers for the first timers. seems to be loads of irish heading there this year too. gad be with the days when it was one of the few places you could go without bumping […]

kasper bjorke | young again. it was all very berlin meets reykjavík via new york with a hint of london.. but now we gotta wind down to a sweet soundtrack…

on the U.P


so this is the day i got kidnapped for a photoshoot. .. aaaannd we’ll take it from the top: bag/headpiece by sans. some custom made bling straight outta angola prison, a present from a true survivor and living legend mr.herman wallace. hand-painted neck fringe from the greatest shop in berlin and possibly the world, starstyling. jacket, […]



Reykjavík. Reykjavík. Reykjavík!! I’m back!! It’s Iceland Airwaves meaning music and party overload… we’ve drank like fishes, smoked like troopers, tried icelandic mushrooms, danced on bars, danced on cars, danced with stars, dressed to the nines, drank fine wines for breakfast, lunch and dinner and witnessed the best of the best in music in the process..:: Metronomy […]

black and white party reykjavík style. one week in reykjavík. stop off returning from new york. easing back into europe through kaffibarinn. boston. 101 hotel. all the usual haunts with all the usual suspects, dorí. mundi. frikki. boás. -super thanks for dorí dorí for throwing us an’irish party’ -green drinks much. too much.

reykjavík. seyðisfjorður and some service stations in between. lots of coffee, malt and a taste buckfast on an iceberg to avoid the chardonnay. socks a present from haraldur jonnson , orange snowsuit on loan from Þórunn eymundardóttir.  ég elska ísland. photos : rosie lynch.