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photos 1&2 – lascary iPhone.. the rest from the very talented Katharina Gebhardt: Advertisements



la test…

…because we can’t afford to events. So please, allow us to introduce Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, a Central Saint Martins graduate, an exceptional young talent and a rising star for sure. His piece, Eye For An Eye, will be shown at 9pm on Friday the 9th of October in the Museum Square, Spanish Arch Galway. This will also […]

and it’s my sister. CLARE aka speedy.  and it’s her birthday. so a C themed party is in order and what’s also in order is raising money for a good cause. so charge all your friends to your birthday and invite all your non friends and charge them more. wooot. introducing the Uniform Party where […]

New Years Eve. I generally hate it but if you’re throwing the party it ain’t so bad… bottle a fizz, 12 o’clock alarm and everyone you know!

the super fucking fantastic mike smalle and me decided to throw a christmas party on st. stephens day. because fuck it like why not sur.



over twenty new artists. music showcases and lectures. this year we took it to two cities. glaway. glasgow. get your weigan on. programme & opening images courtesy of the artists and designed by jp hartnett for ARTISIT?