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N O L A.


eventful times in new orleans. cowboys and scangers and gangsters and legends. but best of all craic times with one of my absolute absolute favourite people ever JACKIE SUMELL. and here’s one of the amazing things she makes happen : THTHB. Below is a vector drawing she just finished of Herman Wallace’s cell in Angola. The idea […]

on the U.P


so this is the day i got kidnapped for a photoshoot. .. aaaannd we’ll take it from the top: bag/headpiece by sans. some custom made bling straight outta angola prison, a present from a true survivor and living legend mr.herman wallace. hand-painted neck fringe from the greatest shop in berlin and possibly the world, starstyling. jacket, […]

a selection of photos from said tour. shoes by marios.

the best exhibition i have ever seen.