ice drop 2

my seventh time to iceland and not sure how many time-th to airwaves. but i thought i’d put together a few pointers for the first timers. seems to be loads of irish heading there this year too. gad be with the days when it was one of the few places you could go without bumping in to someone who half knew ya. ah sur….. will just have to stick to the lollin in this town and find a new hiding place elsewhere….


lolz dropped.


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trying to get a hundred helium balloons to float mid level is no joke. we managed to get one perfect. one. but the did lol beautifully over a jam packed dancefloor well into the early hours of sunday… much thanks to the amazing team that made this happen :: síomha nee, james riordan, sinead coughland, triona lillis, aidan furey, lightscape, mick murray, kev hughes and pat neary. also shout out to props & vintage and macnas for lending us so many deadly props, to mark conlon for taking savage photos and especially to ger z, new jackson, tr-one and daithí for playing such a blinder on the night. AND to all the craic heads that turned up dressed up and brought the party all the way up to next level lolz. session firmly switched to on.

not too bad.


Aug 11th DE



drop the lol

Much love to Myles & Simon for creating this beautiful gem over that lil weekend.

body&soul 2012.


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best friends. birthday weekend. sunshine. raindrops. turbololz. savage tunes. green rooms.

photos: my iPhone and Eric Tucker.