Reykjavík Drrrop. EFTIR EFTIR at Dolly.


rvk drop 539756_448165965247630_1107075147_n 557790_446184048779155_1396174690_n 63303_448165915247635_1287376631_n 395134_446178628779697_33070532_n 59413_446183792112514_1318882113_n 390159_446176905446536_1826138932_n 394021_446176815446545_2084314451_n

threw a little party in Dolly, a savage new bar in Reykjavík that my dear friend Oli runs. a party after the afterparty of the ultimate party that is iceland airwaves. teamed up with some irish friends feel good lost  their friend slow magic and my local friends bóas (d’or) and dóri (2.25 pilsner). we drank a LOT of champagne. posh cunts wha. some buzz.


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