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much love to dóri & the rest of seabear for the super beautifully craictastic weekend and the shout out at southpaw! takk fyrir allt! Advertisements

note: *’s are thoughts not words. // — is a blocked out name // boss has a french accent-ish. ACT I a phone call: scary: hello boss: is the bus boy there? scary: eric? boss: the bus boy! scary: which one, the one from new jersey is here. boss: WHATTT!!!!?? scary: the young guy you brought […]

is the most stunning day. the most beautiful day for existence. truly. i hope i don’t ruin it by gettin all irish and hammered like.

rainy day nyc..


next thing. photo, scary.

backtastic NYC. photo, scary.

on the U.P


so this is the day i got kidnapped for a photoshoot. .. aaaannd we’ll take it from the top: bag/headpiece by sans. some custom made bling straight outta angola prison, a present from a true survivor and living legend mr.herman wallace. hand-painted neck fringe from the greatest shop in berlin and possibly the world, starstyling. jacket, […]