Reykjavík. Reykjavík. Reykjavík!! I’m back!! It’s Iceland Airwaves meaning music and party overload… we’ve drank like fishes, smoked like troopers, tried icelandic mushrooms, danced on bars, danced on cars, danced with stars, dressed to the nines, drank fine wines for breakfast, lunch and dinner and witnessed the best of the best in music in the process..:: Metronomy fucked the shit out of it on Friday Night at the Reykjavík Art Museum! If they come to a village near you make sure and catch them. Saturday’s highlight was the locals FM Belfast what a show! Serious craic!

in other news, the style in this town in second to none. Dear Jesus. But not surprising when you have young designers taking the initiative and opening shops in the middle of a recession :: MUNDI’s Boutique opened its doors for the first time Wednesday evening and what a collection! GO. SEE. BUY.
Friday saw an exhibition of new work by Sindri Sigfússon of Seabear, fantastic drawings and fantastic moonshine punch served with a smile and the three stylish ladies of the Icelandic Love Corporation’s had the opening of Svartir Svanir – Black Swans in Kling & Bang on Saturday.

We also caught lots of interesting acts and DJs at KronKron and Naked Ape, two fashiontastic shops that know how to keep shopping highly entertaining. Ok the hangover is hurting too much now so time for a drink and to catch GUSGUS for the final party!!

now here’s my startstyling hood opening this episode of airwaves tv and below some of my favourite acts of the festival.


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