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we arrived just in time to see the the last leg of obama’s road to the white house. EPIC. EPIC NIGHT. margaritas, new york, old friends and victory. amazement. as for the rest of the month – sure where else would i be other than in some random bar on the wrong end of town with […]



is new york. it is also election day in the u.s. excitement. cos tomorrow, tomorrow all will be revealed and the world and i shall breathe a sigh of relief. the sun will come out. the party will start. history will be made and laughs will be had.tomorrow. for the future is bright for those who fight for the right… (in a leftist kinda way).

been brought to berlin for PREVIEW. die fun. caught up with our girl silja and we went to some crazzy party for halloween guestlisted thanks to mr.van der kaa.. tequila. tequila. tequila. scary. so scary i got alcohol poisoning for 2 days. .. now home for 24 hour before leaving for my city again.